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Have your meal at home until the restaurants reopen

Since the Covid crisis, our guests frequently ask us to dine at home. For those who want to avoid going to restaurants, we offer lunch or dinner in one of our lounges.

On the menu are French specialities made with quality products, some of which come from our vegetable garden.

Example of menu: pumpkin velouté, old-fashioned veal blanquette, local cheeses, chocolate fondant, coffee or herbal tea from the garden.

Diner: 40 euros per person (wine in extra) in addition to the price of the room.

Full board : 60 euros per person (wine in extra) in addition to the price of the room.

One couple or family per room.

Reservation required 48 hours in advance.

Cancellation free of charge

During the COVID pandemic, no deposit is required. You can cancel at any time.

Welcoming you in safety

Respect for social distancing
Le Jardin de la Cathédrale is an establishment with a small number of guests: 10 at most. 
Moreover, the houses and the garden are large enough to avoid any promiscuity for our guests. For example, the breakfast tables are at least 3 m apart indoors and at least 5 m apart outdoors.

Measures taken in the rooms
Normally, your room will be thoroughly cleaned before your arrival, which takes about two hours (for the record, our cleanliness rating is 9.9/10 on

To this normal regime, we add :

  • the cleaning of the floor with a bleach-based solution,

  • disinfection with alcohol on 70% of potentially handled surfaces :

    • door handles

    • room keys

    • switches

    • remote controls

    • furniture surfaces 

    • cabinet and cupboard handles

    • coffee machines, kettle

    • refrigerator,

  • the 70% alcohol disinfection of toilets, bathtubs, showers and sinks,

  • the dishes available in the chamber are cleaned at 60°C and then handled with gloves,

  • the sheets are washed at 60°C instead of 40°C and then handled with gloves.

Measures taken in the common areas
The common areas (entrance, lounges, stairs, corridors) are disinfected. 

Three times a day, the surfaces potentially handled by our guests are disinfected with 70% alcohol:

  • door handles, 

  • switches,

  • banister,

  • remote controls,

  • cupboard and closet handles,

  • furniture of the common areas,

  • toilet,

  • sinks and washbasins.

Measures taken for breakfast
The person who prepares your breakfast is equipped with gloves and a protective mask.

The packaging of ingredients entering the kitchen is destroyed or disinfected with 70% alcohol. All fruit is washed with warm water.

The kitchen is disinfected three times a day (cleaning of the floor, disinfection with 70% alcohol on all surfaces handled).

Plates, cups, glasses, cutlery and other utensils on the breakfast table are washed at 60°C and then handled with gloves to your table.

Tablecloths and napkins are washed at 60°C and then handled with gloves to your table.

Tables and chairs, both inside and outside, are 70% disinfected before each breakfast.

Finally, breakfast can also be served in your room.

Personnel measures
The staff of the Cathedral Garden are equipped with masks and gloves. The staff undergoes a temperature check every morning.
Before starting to clean a room or the common areas, the persons in charge of cleaning must wash their hands, put on waterproof disposable gloves and avoid touching their faces while cleaning the premises.
Gloves should be discarded after each room.
Housekeepers should wash their hands immediately after removing their gloves and ensure ventilation and air circulation in the bedroom and common areas during and after cleaning.
Gel and wipes at your disposal
The Cathedral Garden provides its guests with hydroalcoholic gel and disinfecting wipes.

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