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Aaahhhh... Where can I begin to describe this lovely property. Sometimes, someone, somewhere manages to get service, location, design and the overall feel just right and it translates into pure magic. This place managed to do it all. What we loved: Location: Centrally located next to a gorgeous cathedral. There was even a wine store on the same block. Easily accessed from the train station and the famous "cork shaped" (anyone else notice its shaped like something else?) downtown. Service: Prompt and friendly pre-stay correspondence. This was equally matched once we arrived, where we were well taken care of without feeling smothered. Lovely owners. Design: I wasn't sure if this was a single labour of love, from someone with a key eye and natural inclination for exceptional design or done by a professional. Either way, the property (especially the to-die-for-garden) was simply exquisite. It was the perfect combination of old / new / quirky / historic and comfortable. Simply 10/10. Our room: We stayed in the attic room which was huge, gorgeous and very well designed. My one teeny tiny issue was that the toilet was off of the very large room and where the door met the door frame was a tiny crack. We are two men (basically animals) who pee with the door open so no problem, but might be a bit strange if people wanted a bit more privacy. Such a cool experience to sleep in the workshop of a stained glass master. Bravo! Notable mentions: The breakfast in the STUNNING garden was a dream. Delicious cheeses, pastry, yoghurt, fruit, coffee and tea were served to us on simply DIVINE dishware. Also- They have the loveliest old dog who is just a giant ball of mushy love. Don't worry if you don't love dogs, this one seemed pretty happy to be on her own but came over whenever you wanted to say hello. Overal : Perfect in every way. We live in Paris and Troyes is only a short train ride away. we will hopefully be back next summer. Magnifique!!!!

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